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OpenTag Culture

Our mission is to create the best software through empowered teams, centralized around our product. We do this to help great organizations reach ambitious goals and fulfil their purpose with equally great teams. We're pretty proud to be working on this, we hope you'd be too. 

It's very important that we really don't like micromanagement. Do your job, if you want help - come and ask for it. No one is going to track your time or check you every 30 minutes to see how it's going. You don't want to come to the office - that's okay. You can work from your villa, from the seaside or from a Caffe - we don't care as long as you deliver what's promised. You want to come to the office - that's okay too. The office is always open and we will be happy to have lunch together or a beer after work.

At OpenTag we are having team events throughout the year - hiking, paintball battles, Kanu-kayaks, beer brewing and tasting and so much more! We see the office as a place for meetings and collaborative work. No one is required to come to the office and it's fine if you decide to work from your villa on the Black sea! Still, we are having multiple mini team-bonding events! Every Wednesday we all have breakfast together, Friday is the day for a massive team lunch